Contoured Memory Pillow


Impereal Contoured Memory Pillow is a medium-soft feel ortho-friendly pillow, which provides excellent neck support.

Unlike traditional puffed pillow, contoured pillows are molded in such a fashion as to support a higher (or lower) neck (or head) position, depending on which side you choose to place under the neck.

A common feedback we have received regarding traditional shaped pillows is that either they are too firm or too soft, which indicate they provide more or less than the optimal support needed. With a contoured pillow, for most people, this problem is solved.

A must-have for people suffering from cervical aches and ailments.


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Best Quality Material

We use excellent quality material in our sheets and protectors. Not just fabric, but even the components used are high quality.

Breathable Fabric

Quilted fabric goes into our sheets and protectors. The fabric breathes well and allows you to sleep cooler.

Customised Accessories

We can provide customised sheets and protectors to fit your existing bed and mattress setup. Please contact us for details.

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We listen to what our consumers have to say, and develop products that reflect our consumers' preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Warranty covers any manufacturing defect or any quality issues with the mattress.

Indentation/sagging of foam more than 1″ is covered in the warranty. Upto 1″ is a normal wear-and-tear feature and is not covered under warranty.

Our mattresses are designed to last well over 10 years, but we want you to change them after 7 years.

Technically, any mattress should be changed every 5-7 years for hygiene reasons, and hence our warranty to match that time duration.

No, the mattress should not be washed. On the contrary, the foam inside the mattress is affected adversely by liquid spillage and should be protected at all times. 

The top fabric on the mattress comes with a zipper and can be removed, and the removed fabric is washable.

On a standard industry scale of 1(softest) to 10 (firmest), our mattresses rate as follows:

Comfy : 8 (Firm)
Cozy : 6 (Medium)
Signature: 7 (Plush)

All our mattresses use High Density High Resilience Foam, which have special properties that give the feeling of a feedback/pushback from the base layer.

The comfort layer on top is what gives the feeling of softness/firmness, with a solid base in place.

Our body adjusts to a new mattress, very similar to how our feet adjust to new shoes.

Our bodies are used to sleeping a certain way (pattern) and with a change in pattern (due to a new mattress), comes a slight adjustment curve for the body to feel relaxed.

Scientific data points that it takes about 21 days for a person to get used to a new mattress. Hence, a 30-day trial period is an adequate time-period for one to assess and judge whether a mattress suits one or not.

If after a month, you are not comfortable with the mattress, we will take back the mattress and refund you the amount you paid.

We do custom-sizes for mattresses as well and will be happy to cater to a custom requirement, in terms of size of the mattress.

Please do call, email, or messages us, and we will provide you a quote for the same. The price for a custom-sized mattress is usually the price of a standard mattress one size above the size required.

For eg., if the size required is 75″ x 72″, then the price will be the same as a 78″ x 72″ mattress.

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