Natura Latex Mattress

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Rest Natura is a multi-layer Latex Mattress, designed to optimally give you comfort and provide great support.

Designed for all body types, you’ll get just the right pressure relief and support your body’s needs for a good night’s sleep. ImpéReal’s Rest Natura is for people who want a medium-firm surface to sleep on, like the responsiveness of memory foam but don’t want the sink that a memory foam mattress provides.

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, this one is perfect for you.

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5 year Warranty

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At a Glance



The core of a good mattress is a good supportive foam base, and a great comfort layer. We use only the best foams in all our mattresses.



All Impereal Mattresses use Cottura - Organic Cotton fabric. It is naturally breathable and allows more airflow to help disperse body heat.


Back Support

All our mattresses are designed for a healthy spinal alignment in any sleep position. Choose the right type of mattress for you, and that's it.



We take care of the materials used and design our mattress such that every mattress feels plush to sleep on, ensuring unmatched comfort.

Mattress Structure & Layers

Impereal Natura is a super comfortable Latex mattress. It abides by principles that an orthopaedic mattress should follow – relieves point-pressure, ensures optimal spine alignment, and provides a surface that does not let one sink in through the night. It is a medium-firm feel mattress with a HR foam base as foundation that provides great support and adequate firmness.

The fabric used is Cottura Organic Cotton fabric, which whisks away your body heat to the below foam layers, ensuring you sleep cool.

A 1″ 85 density Latex (made from natural rubber) layer provides for perfect point-pressure relief and gives a very plush medium-firm feel to the mattress. Latex takes the shape of the body, but not as much as memory foam. This ensures that the mattresses depresses more where there is more weight – shoulders and hips, and little less where there is less weight – back and torso. This will enable the mattress to take the body contour and drastically reduces the weight-pressure felt by shoulders, back, and hips while sleeping.

A 1″ 32 density soft foam acts as a transition layer. This layer ensures that the latex layer passes on the weight to the base layers below. At the same time, since Latex is not overtly sensitive to body-weight and contours and tends to pushback, the soft transition layer allows for a slight sinking feeling, which counter balances the pushback of the latex layer.

A 4″ (or 6″) 32 density HR foam layer acts as a base/foundation layer. This layer ensures that the weight from the transition layer is evenly distributed across the surface of the bed frame/platform that the mattress is placed on. This ensures the mattress does not sink in one point and enhances durability of the mattress.


Point-Pressure Relief

100% Natural Latex layer cradles you in cushioned comfort to relieve pressure points as the Soft transition layer provides for an extra level of cushioning

Great Support

The base High Resilience (HR) offers excellent pushback support and superior durability that you can’t get in a roll-pack mattress

Sleep Cool

A combination of Organic Cotton Fabric, coupled with a Natural Latex top layer ensures you do not sleep hot

Ideal For

There are three major factors to determine the right type of mattress for you. They are: –
– The Firmness Feel ( Ranging from 1- Very Soft to 10 – Very Firm)
– Body Shape Sensitivity (Ranging from 1 – Very  Sensitive to Body Contour to 10 – Least Sensitive to Body Contours)
– Your Body Weight (As a thumb rule, body weight  heavier than average weight requires better firmer base layer support)

One of the major factors in determining what mattress you should buy is the firmness factor of the mattress. In principle, a heavier body weight requires a firmer mattress for optimal sleep quality and mattress durability.

A good mattress should provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. It should take the shape of the body and thereby distribute the body weight across the mattress, and down to the support layers.

Common Size Guide

72" x 36"6' x 3'Single
72" x 48"6' x 4'Double
72" x 60"6' x 5'Queen
72" x 72"6' x 6'King
78" x 72"6½' x 6'King XL

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Warranty covers any manufacturing defect or any quality issues with the mattress.

Indentation/sagging of foam more than 1″ is covered in the warranty. Upto 1″ is a normal wear-and-tear feature and is not covered under warranty.

Our mattresses are designed to last well over 10 years, but we want you to change them after 5-7 years.

Technically, any mattress should be changed every 5-7 years for hygiene reasons, and hence our warranty to match that time duration.


No, the mattress should not be washed. On the contrary, the foam inside the mattress is affected adversely by liquid spillage and should be protected at all times. 

The top fabric on the mattress comes with a zipper and can be removed, and the removed fabric is washable.

On a standard industry scale of 1(softest) to 10 (firmest), our mattresses rate as follows:

Comfy : 8 (Firm Feel)
Cozy : 6 (Cushy Feel)
Signature: 7 (Plush Feel)
Natura: 7 (Medium Firm)

All our mattresses use High Density High Resilience Foam, which have special properties that give the feeling of a feedback/pushback from the base layer.

The comfort layer on top is what gives the feeling of softness/firmness, with a solid base in place.


Our body adjusts to a new mattress, very similar to how our feet adjust to new shoes.

Our bodies are used to sleeping a certain way (pattern) and with a change in pattern (due to a new mattress), comes a slight adjustment curve for the body to feel relaxed.

Scientific data points that it takes about 5-21 days for a person to get used to a new mattress. Hence, a 7-day trial period is an adequate time-period for one to assess and judge whether a mattress suits one or not.

If after 7 days, you are not comfortable with the mattress, we will take back the mattress and refund you the amount you paid.

NOT APPLICABLE on Custom Sized Mattresses


We do custom-sizes for mattresses as well and will be happy to cater to a custom requirement, in terms of size of the mattress.

Please do call, email, or messages us, and we will provide you a quote for the same. The price for a custom-sized mattress is usually the price of a standard mattress one size above the size required.

For eg., if the size required is 75″ x 72″, then the price will be the same as a 78″ x 72″ mattress.

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