All Impereal mattresses are made with one objective – to help you get a good night’s restful wholesome sleep.

All our mattresses are (optionally) part of Magnatress series, our unique Magnet Therapy Mattresses.


We offer our customers two major categories of mattresses to choose from:

What is the difference between Flat Pack and Roll Pack Mattresses?

Flat Pack Mattresses are made from traditional foam materials, which are not intended to be compressed or rolled and hence allow for a denser feel, which gives you a more traditional feel – the mattress is and feels heavier, denser, firmer, and provides better support, especially for people with some extra weight.

Roll Pack Mattresses are a relatively modern development where the foam used is of a tensile strength, but since the finished mattress will be compressed, folded, rolled to be shipped inside a box, the foams used feel less dense, are relatively lighter than the foams used in flat pack mattresses.

Overall, both provide great comfort, but both are suited to different body types, sleep preferences, and have slightly different durability standards.

Flat Pack Mattresses:

– NOT compressed, folded, or rolled
– Towards Firmer/Denser Feel
– Beading/Piping along the edges for support
– Non-removable non-washable fabric cover
– Better Durability
– Difficult to transport and carry
– Can be shipped to limited places
– Recommended for heavier-weight people, and middle and old-aged people.

Roll Pack Mattresses:

– Compressed, Folded, Rolled into a box
– Towards Softer/Lighter Feel
– No Beading on the edges
– Removable, washable zippered fabric cover
– Good Durability
– Easy to transport and carry
– Can be shipped to remote locations easily
– Recommended for lighter-weight people, and younger demographic population.

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