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Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress

Comfy is the quintessential Low-Price Firm Mattress, with a subtle feedback.

Comfy is a single layer basic mattress, ideal for people who like firmer surfaces to sleep on. It has gentle feedback and so despite being on the firmer side, does not feel harsh at all. Truly, re-defining the low-price firm mattress category by delivering a high quality mattress.

An excellent choice for stomach-sleepers, and people looking to transition from cotton/coir firm mattresses towards a foam-based, relatively softer mattress.



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Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress Details


Comfy is the basic mattress; one cannot go wrong with this. It is a firm feel mattress with a subtle feedback and a firm base layer that keeps you well-supported.


Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress is a multi-layered mattress (only 6″) and works very well for someone wanting to transition from cotton to foam mattresses.
The HR foam is specially formulated to have a level of latency so the firmness of the mattress is not harsh, but rather a soft firm feel. Truly unique.
Very ideal for people with a heavy frame and weight on the bulkier side.


Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress (only 6″ variant) comes with a Magnet Therapy option. A layer of magnets are placed every 6 inches between the memory foam and the base foam layers.
Our Magnet Therapy neodymium rare-earth magnets 10mm x 1.5mm in size, just right to generate a decent magnetic force field. Magnet Therapy, although not proven by empirical evidences, had shown that it improves blood circulation, promotes well-being, and induces sounder sleep.


Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress uses High Density (32) tensile strength High Resilience foam for the foundation or base layer. Having a strong foundation layer cannot be emphasised more. We use 32 density foam, whereas many other mattress makers tend to us a 28 density foam, which leads to overall poor quality feedback when asleep.


Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress comes in rolled, vacuum-packed, in a box. Once the box is opened, and the mattress with its packaging pulled out, a blade/scissors can be used to cut open the plastic wrapping over the mattress.
Upon cutting the plastic (ideally in one go), air will rush in and the mattress will expand very quickly to retake its original shape and form. It takes up to 24 hours for it to completely become how it was designed and made, before it was packed.
You can sleep on in within 2 hours of unrolling, but the real feel of the mattress will be available after a good few hours as air would by the have gone into the deepest cavities and the mattress would then be what it was designed as.


It is imperative that the mattress is placed on a flat, dry, solid surface – like a bed, mattress foundation, or for that matter, a flat dry floor surface. Only then can the real comfort of the mattress be felt.


Warranty covers manufacturing defects and also covers if the mattress sags/indents more than 1 inch. Upto 1 inch is considered normal wear and tear with time. Also, a mattress is ideally for sleeping and if someone is sitting on a mattress most part of the day, it is bound to sag more in that area as the weight is supposed to be spread over the mattress, and not limited to one area. It is assumed that the mattress is placed and being slept on a solid flat foundation/bed, and not one with cavities or holes or gaps. 

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Magnet Therapy

5 years Warranty

7 Nights Return

Free Shipping

Cash on Delivery

No-cost EMIs

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Why buy ImpéReal Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress ?

Low-Price Firm Mattress

Comfy is a firm mattress that will provide you great support, offering a very negligible feedback, making it ideal for stomach-sleepers.

Magnet Therapy

Available only in 6″

Magnets carefully and meticulously placed between the foam layers ensure a positive magnetic field on the bed, and simulate better blood circulation.

Leading Mattress in Gujarat

Excellent Product quality and prompt service is what makes us the leading Magnet Therapy brand of Mattresses in Gujarat.

Best Quality Foams

The core of a good mattress is a good quality foam base, and a supportive comfort layer. We use only the best quality foams in our mattresses.

Breathable Fabric

The outer cover is zippered, and hence removable and washable. The fabric breathes well and allows you to sleep cooler. Inner foam protected with another cover.

Magnet Layer

We have embraced the holistic healing properties of magnets and have infused rare-earth Neodymium magnets in our foam layers.

We listen

We listen to what our consumers have to say, what their needs are, match their needs with our supplies, and develop products that reflect our consumers' preferences.

Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress in a Box

Comfy comes compressed, rolled, vacuum-sealed, and packed in a box.
Easy to order, receive, setup, and easy on your pocket.


Open your Mattress in 4 Steps


Pair Comfy Low-Price Firm Mattress with a perfect partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Warranty covers any manufacturing defect or any quality issues with the mattress.

Indentation/sagging of foam more than 1″ is covered in the warranty. Upto 1″ is a normal wear-and-tear feature and is not covered under warranty.


Our mattresses are designed to last well over 10 years, but we want you to change them after 7 years.

Technically, any mattress should be changed every 5-7 years for hygiene reasons, and hence our warranty to match that time duration.


No, the mattress should not be washed. On the contrary, the foam inside the mattress is affected adversely by liquid spillage and should be protected at all times. 

The top fabric on the mattress comes with a zipper and can be removed, and the removed fabric is washable.


On a standard industry scale of 1(softest) to 10 (firmest), our mattresses rate as follows:

Comfy : 8 (Firm Feel)
Cozy : 6 (Cushy Feel)
Signature: 7 (Plush Feel)
Natura: 7 (Medium Firm)

All our mattresses use High Density High Resilience Foam, which have special properties that give the feeling of a feedback/pushback from the base layer.

The comfort layer on top is what gives the feeling of softness/firmness, with a solid base in place.


Our body adjusts to a new mattress, very similar to how our feet adjust to new shoes.

Our bodies are used to sleeping a certain way (pattern) and with a change in pattern (due to a new mattress), comes a slight adjustment curve for the body to feel relaxed.

Scientific data points that it takes about 5-21 days for a person to get used to a new mattress. Hence, a 7-day trial period is an adequate time-period for one to assess and judge whether a mattress suits one or not.

If after 7 days, you are not comfortable with the mattress, we will take back the mattress and refund you the amount you paid.



We do custom-sizes for mattresses as well and will be happy to cater to a custom requirement, in terms of size of the mattress.

Please do call, email, or messages us, and we will provide you a quote for the same. The price for a custom-sized mattress is usually the price of a standard mattress one size above the size required.

For eg., if the size required is 75″ x 72″, then the price will be the same as a 78″ x 72″ mattress.


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  1. Deepak M. Parmar (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Am happy with the mattress. We wanted a cushion over our Diwan (seti), but could not find anything suitable.

    Then we looked at Impereal Comfy and it seemed like we could use it. Plus, we were assured that if it didn’t suit us, we could return it back.

    Received, unpacked in 5 minutes. Been a few days using it now.

    Very very happy.

  2. Pankaj Kapadiya (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Happy with the mattress. Very comfortable.
    Bought 3 Mattresses in total.

    1 mattress had come which had some size issues. The team at Impereal immediately took it back and replaced with a mattress which I am now happy with.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Pankaj Kapadiya

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